2016 fiscal year is the time we will continue with the reforms of higher education

"2016 fiscal year is the time we will continue with the reforms of higher education" Dr. Samuel Kifle - Minister of Education Data

MoE1August 20/2015 M (Ministry of Education) in the Ministry of Education higher education development sector 2015 school year performance evaluation and 2016 budget year plan introduction program has been completed.

According to the Minister of Education, the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Samuel Kifle, the key problem in the education sector is the issue of quality and relevance of education in the past five years. Mmm so many reforms have been implemented.

Based on the education and training map, increasing the starting time of the university from three to four years, differentiate universities with focus and mission, adjusting the quality of entrance exam to the university, implementing university exit exam, developing a system to make universities independent and approving the declaration and focusing on the quality of related reform works and They have pointed out that improving internal resources is one of the steps taken.

MoE2Minister Dataw Aklewum has announced the reforms that started in 2016 school year, making culture and eradicating, identifying universities and allowing students to audit programs only in a different program, allowing them to be tested and correcting the deficiencies in the quality of graduation education, giving better exit exam to re-takers and regular students, making universities independent. They have suggested that they will work on ensuring that educational infrastructure and resources are complete and to get them to work.

At the end of the program, Arbaminch University research results exhibition and Chamo Lake’s tight area development work has been visited.

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