Wollega University was established in February 2006/07 by the Government of Ethiopia as an autonomous higher education institution having its own legal personality. Wollega University has commenced its teaching function with enrollment of 851 regular undergraduate degree students-out of which 49 students assigned to Applied Mathematics under the Faculty of Natural Sciences which is now department of computational Sciences. Due to the implementation of BPR, College of Natural and Computational sciences of Wollega University has come into existence in July 2012. One of the departments established under the new system was the Department of Computational Sciences. College of Natural and Computational Sciences was organized into five departments offering three – year courses leading to the B.Sc degree. Among which one is the Department of Computational sciences has grown considerably to become one of the largest departments in the University, offering many courses. This department by itself comprises the former two departments, namely Mathematics and Statistics, which are now named as Mathematics program and Statistics program.

Mathematics program

Statistics Program