Environmental science department is one among many departments under the college of Natural and Computational Sciences. It was launched as a Program under the department of earth and environmental sciences in 2002 EC and started its operation by enrolling 86 students in the same year. Until now, over 280 environmental science professionals were graduated in three consecutive years from the department. Nowadays, about 226 students are attending their training in three different programs.


The department of environmental sciences aspires to be center of academic excellence.


The department’s mission is producing competent environmental science professionals, conducting researches and providing community services and other outreach activities.


ü  Respect and Support Diversity

ü  Environmental Stewardship

ü  Academic Freedom

ü  Innovation and Creativity

ü  Excellence

ü  Quality

ü  Enabling

ü  Commitment

ü  Cost effectiveness

ü  Team Work

Research and Development thematic areas:

ü  Watershed management

ü  Renewable energy sources

ü  Environmental pollution control

ü  Urban and industrial waste management

ü  Education and Environment

ü  Gender and Environment

ü  Environment and Development

ü  Air, water and Soil quality

Figure: Students making educational visit around rift valley area

Programs under the Department

ü  Undergraduate programs: Environmental Sciences (BSc), Environmental Geology (BSc)

ü  Postgraduate programs: Environmental Sciences (MSC), Environmental Chemistry (MSc) and Environmental Resources Management (MSc)

Staff Profile

  MSc PhD-candidates PhD
  4 4 1