Dr.Boka KumsaWelcome to the official web site of College of Natural and Computational Sciences

College of Natural and Computational Science was established in 2007 and restructured into different departments during the implementation of business reengineering process (BPR)。The college currently running out its duties and responsibilities with eight departments, namely, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental science, Earth science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics and Sport studies

The college constantly purses standard excellence in teaching, research and community services by working in close collaboration with institutions in the country, plan to work with overseas and most important with stockholders in order to remain the response to the ever changing needs of the society.

The college strives to make every effort in making a place where students enrolled in degree programs offered by the college can utilize available resources provided in fulfilling their dreams. A place which serves students by providing opportunities for training different issues which help them in exploring more opportunities for future development and growth. And it will continue to align its mission more innovative in exploring future development opportunities and provide better service to its constituencies.

Boka Kumsa Bole(PHD).