General Admission provisions

  1. A candidate who has a high scholastic standing, whose professional experience has been superior and who has received good recommendations shall be given priority for admission.
  2. A minimum of five students should be admitted in any one year in order to run a specialization in a graduate program of the University.  However, the optimum (minimum and maximum) number of students in the different graduate programs shall be determined by the FGC (Faculty Graduate Committee) per the recommendation of respective Graduate Program Council (GPC) taking into consideration the number of staff, availability of space and demand for training.
  1. The College/Faculty /School may, from time to time, include additional admission requirements in conformity with University rules and regulations. These may be of general application or may pertain to specific programs of graduate studies.
  1. Admission Requirements for the Masters Degree programs

2.1 Academic Requirements

  1. The applicant must have completed the academic requirements for the Bachelors Degree in the specific/related field(s) of study at the University or any other accredited institution of higher learning.
  2. The applicant must meet satisfactorily the selection criterion which may include the entrance examination to be administered by the School/Faculty. Foreign applicants may, in lieu of sitting for entrance examination, submit results of GRE/TOEFL/ELTS or equivalent, language proficiency examinations, for applicants whose undergraduate medium of instruction is not English.

2.2 Non-academic Requirements

  1. College/Academic Unit may, for pedagogic reasons or special requirements of the field of study, set appropriate age limits subject to the approval of ASQACC.

b. The candidates must produce three letters of recommendation from undergraduate instructors, employers or professional Associates.

  1.  Provisional Admissions

Students admitted to a program from a field of specialization other than the intended area of specialization will be required to take bridging courses which will be determined by the academic commission (AC).

  • A student given provisional admission has to complete the prescribed courses before being formally accepted as a regular graduate student. The performance of the student in the prescribed undergraduate courses will not be considered for SGPA and/or CGPA calculation but may appear on the transcript.
  • The duration of the student's stay in the University as a provisionally admitted student shall be determined by the College/Academic Unit concerned, but shall not exceed one academic year.
  • A provisionally admitted student who has satisfactorily completed the prescribed bridging courses shall be granted regular graduate student status.
  • A provisionally admitted student may, upon permission of the AC, register for and take graduate level courses as qualified. Such a student must obtain a grade of at least C in the undergraduate courses taken.

Enrollment and Registration at the Graduate Program

  1. Application for admission into the graduate program is normally processed before the beginning of each academic semester year.
    1. Every student of the PG must register at the beginning of each semester in order to keep enrollment active. A student who fails to maintain continuous registration without officially withdrawing from GP shall be considered to have dropped out. If such a student wishes to resume studies, the student must apply in writing for readmission to the GP. The program for a readmitted student shall be reassessed in terms of the rules and regulations in force at the time of readmission.
    2. The College/Academic Unit may provisionally register candidates, but such cases must be presented within six weeks for approval by the SGC/FGC followed by official registration if the admission is approved.

Credit Requirements and Course Load at the GP

  1. The total number of credit hours for course work shall be 24 to 32 for School/department/ programs requiring research-based thesis.
  2. A total of 12 to 15 credit hours per semester shall normally be regarded as typical full load for a regular candidate, and 9- 12 cr hrs for summer, weekend and evening candidates.
  3. The credit requirements for candidates shall be determined by the FGC.

Duration of Study at the GP

  1. The Master's programs shall normally take two academic years for completion in all faculty/schools/Institutes.
  2. No candidate may anticipate finishing a program in less than one academic year.
  3. A candidate may be allowed to continue for up to a maximum of five years if it can be shown that the extension is required by force majeure and if it is recommended by the SGC and GPC. Such extension of time shall be recommended by the SGC and approved by the AC every semester.
  4. A candidate taking more than the normal two-year duration for completion of a program shall fulfill the special conditions set forth by the AC.