CET Workshop Successfully Completed

CET Workshop Successfully Completed

CET Workshop Successfully CompletedThe “Research Training and Curriculum Review” workshop, which was organized by the College of Engineering and Technology (CET) at Wallaga University in collaboration with the

Institutional Network for Design and Manufacturing Education and Training (INDMET) Project Office that has been conducted for two weeks, from April 03 - 11, 2023 was successfully completed today.

As per the plan of INDMET project and stated on the workshop opening program, the training part of the workshop focused on two basic issues:

1. Research Design/Methodology and

2. Research Grant Writing.

Accordingly, the first training workshop sessions on the title “Research Design/Methodology” that was organized for academic staffs and postgraduate students in particular, and has been given by Prof. Hirpha Lemu.

CET Workshop Successfully Completed1The second part of the training was conducted under the title “Research Grant Writing” by Prof.Hirpha Lemu. The training was an extended part of the training that had been held previously on August 01, 2022 on the same topic by Prof. Hirpha.

Trainees actively participated in the training and came up with their own idea for research grant writing. They have organized their idea as per the knowledge they have got from the training and prepared a professional presentation on the title they have selected by themselves. They have also presented their idea for research grant writing and it was reviewed by trainers and participants.

After the training, participants exchanged ideas on the training and expressed their views in what way such training will help them in their academic work.

CET Workshop Successfully Completed3At the end of the training, Dr. Endalkachew Mosisa, delivered the closing speech by owing thanks to the college and those involved in organizing such training programs, and highlighted the great significance of such training for successful Grant Research Writing.

Finally, the training program was concluded with the closing speech Dr. Diriba Diba, Vice President for Research, Community Service & Industry Linkage Office at Wallaga University, He highlighted the significance of such training by showing professional concern for the organizers and trainers.

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