The management council of the university has continued its discussion on different agendas

The management council of the university has continued its discussion on different agendas.

My law on 2/2015

375742760 799281742206799 6132738896105699597 nBased on the guidelines given by the management, one of the university's graduates has conducted analysis and research findings. Dr. Hasan Yusuf, the president of our university, has explained that the problem of quality of education we are in as a country is reflected on the results of the exit exam.

The ministry of education has also indicated that the new education policy has been working with education stakeholders to solve the problem of quality of education at every level. Dr. Hassan.

Higher education institutions will focus on the field of focus, online/computer based exit exams, changes in the 12th grade national exam administration and giving, improvements in 2015 8th grade ministry, starting 6th grade ministry in probation level, and other measures have been noted.

375873255 799281765540130 8574433606212095640 nIt is also mentioned that the university has given entrance exam to students who graduated in 2015. 41.02% of the students who were tested have passed results. Regarding the result of the exit exam, it has been explained that it is similar to the average (40%) of the overall exit exam result. In the past four years, the university has evaluated that the result is expected based on the study and teaching crisis (silence, Covid effect, student allocation, suspicion that some students won't be working until the last minute exit exam and keeping a stand and so on) In addition, the council has evaluated that they have been making an action plan since it was announced that there will be an exit exam.

But what does the exit test show? What is the interaction between CGPA and model results in classrooms, college, regular, night, distance and weekend schedules, gender, academic performance (CGPA) ምን? Based on the direction given by the management, the main registrar of the university (Dr. Feyalew Waqtole and associate registrar Mr. Melkamu Wolde) has presented it.

According to the standard set by the minister of education, the exam was conducted with great care and responsibility in order to improve the quality of education. The findings of the study was not any cheating and cheating of the exam, the students worked on their own, the result recorded in the exit exam was recorded in the classroom.

Honorable Dr. Hasan Yusuf has stated that the result that was given for the first time as a country will serve as a source (baseline data) and said that the result recorded will be a great job as a university. All classes should consult with teachers and students after taking the study results; advise and teach students to change attitude and behavior; syllabus (teaching sessions) should be implemented as soon as they are out; monitoring and monitoring work should be continued strongly; test giving and administration should be free from cheating and theft; mid-semester exams. Members of the Management Council have given work directives to the Administrative and Academic leaders at each level to focus on quality education assurance.

375875970 799281688873471 499122911402667004 nThe management of the university has responded and explained the comments and questions raised by the management council members. How did the results of the entrance exam of other higher education institutions appear? Is the purpose and importance of entrance exam the same in all universities? Hasn't it been noticed that efforts are being made to get competition and cheap acceptance among universities? Why didn't the minister of education appoint supervisors? Are we still falling into the cycle of problem with quality of education? Judge, observers and spectators, how will the minister of education evaluate the unnecessary face building effort by saying that they have passed this hundredth time? Whether a national study is needed on the way the results are recorded, and other questions have been raised from council members.

The Honorable Dr. Hasan Yusuf (President) and Dr. Melka Hika (Academic Affairs Counselor) stated that they have discussed and discussed all the concerns raised on the platform prepared by the Ministry of Education. They have said let us free ourselves from outside pressure and pressure and do our job professionally and responsibly.

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