About the Program of English Language & Literature

The program of English took its inception in 2007 with the opening up of Wollega University. The major objective of beginning the department was to produce highly competent and skilled language professionals for the academic and non-academic purposes. From the outset, the department began with offering major courses for the candidates in the English department, and common courses for other areas of study like Engineering, Health Sciences, College of Agriculture, etc. 

The major objective of the program is to produce highly competent and skilled language: English professionals for the academic and non-academic purposes. At present the department is offering general degree program in English (BA degree) for regular, evening students and BEd courses for summer students & MA in TEFL with the changes that took place in the area of training and development. In addition, the department opened distance education program to meet the growing need for high level English professionals in the country.


Mission of English Language & Literature  is to achieve excellence in producing competent English language professionals who can play their decisive role in the multifaceted development process that the country is embarking on and offer quality education in order to produce highly qualified and internationally recognized professionals on their field of study-Language. In addition, the program need to be a model in research and consultancy service through practical based, lifelong learning, and promote democratic culture to contribute to the national development of the country.


English Language & Literature program aspires to be a program of excellence in Wollega University in producing competent citizens and high-level English language professionals and researchers that could play a critical role in the language, generate new knowledge and adapt relevant knowledge to national development.

Objective of English Language & Literature 

  • To train English Language professionals for various competencies and occupational purposes;
  • The program has the following specific objectives:
  • To equip students with basic English  language skills and knowledge needed for a various purposes;
  • To equip students with knowledge of how human language functions or the scientific study of language;
  • To enable students appreciate and criticize literary works;
  • To enable students to conduct research in their field of study;
  • To equip students with communication and public relation skills as well as media use;
  • To enable students translate and interpret various discourses.

English Program Course Breakdown

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