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About the Program of Geography and Environmental Studies

Geography being a discipline that deals with the environment, addresses the subject matters that affect the day to day life of individuals. From the view point of the contribution of the discipline to the solution of society’s socio- economic, and environmental problems, offering environment focused found to be relevant.

It also equips geographers with updated principles, theories and skills, which could make them competent in their work environment.  It also gives remedial solutions to problems associated with planning, pollution, droughts, development and the like. Therefore having proper knowledge of Geography and Environmental Studies will mitigate the problems that the world is facing currently.


The program has the mission to produce competent and qualified geographers who can solve the socio-economic and environmental problems at national as well as global context by identifying the factors and patterns of spatial and temporal problems and possibilities of human and physical phenomena and their interactions.

Entry Requirement:

  • Successful completion of preparatory school and scoring the minimum grade required by the Ministry of Education to join Universities.
  • Passing grade of the Ethiopian higher education qualifying Entrance Examination.
  • Successful completion of the Diploma program (10+3) in Geography and related fields from the recognized college   based on the regulation of the university.