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About the Department of History and Heritage Management

Being one of the disciplines of social science, History studies the political, Social, Economies, Cultural life of past human societies and their development. The knowledge of history helps us to know more about the past, to understand present societies and to see the broad directions of future development. History helps us not to repeat the past mistakes and also helps us to develop democratic culture with global outlook and to develop and keep strong nationalism. Ethiopia is a country of nations, nationalities and peoples with diversified ethnic, language and religion. Each of the nations and nationalities has their own history to be studied.


The program has the mission to produce competent and qualified historians that could deal with societal problems, and undergo historical responsibilities.

Entry Requirement:

  • Successful completion of preparatory school and scoring the minimum grade required by the Ministry of Education to join Universities.
  • Passing grade of the Ethiopian higher education qualifying Entrance Examination.
  • Successful completion of the Diploma program (10+3) in History and related fields from the recognized college   based on the regulation of the university.