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Dr.Dessalegn WirtuQuality education is not a gift but after extensive journey it can be rewarded to those who performed it well. As a department we were and are trying to bring quality education as much as possible. But still now it became difficult to achieve it. The reason behind is the student teacher ratio is not equivalent, equipments for demonstration are not sufficient even not established due to lack of equipments, lack of experienced instructors, lack of hospital preceptors, lack of university hospitals and others. Therefore in order to solve these problems it is not only the department, the college or the university but also the stakeholders, the government and non-governmental actions are required. Therefore I recommend all concerned bodies, like hospital administrators and staffs, governmental and non-governmental actions has to actively participated in order to bring change because all graduates are expected to serve the nation and the whole world. Generally my massage is not to stand outside and observe but be involved in the action whoever and wherever you are. Then I hope we will achieve our goal quality education and quality service