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About the Program of New Innovative Medicine

This curriculum is intended to produce medical doctors equipped with the essential knowledge, skills and values to handle the problems of health care in Ethiopia. The curriculum has 3 major arms that are integrated horizontally as well as vertically: Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, Professional Competency Development (PCD) and the Social & Population Health (SPH) Sciences   


Our mission is to provide a high quality clinical service to the community and high quality medical education that qualifies our graduates to be medical doctors needed by developing/developed societies of the 21st century. In that sense, we are bespoke to produce competent, entrepreneurial, ethical and compassionate doctors, who can serve at all levels of the health care ladder, providing professional services for individuals, family and community in all the areas of rural and urban societies.

Produce competent, motivated and committed medical doctors for the 21st century, who can provide highest standard health care to the Ethiopian population.


All Ethiopians will enjoy highest possible standard of health care.