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About the Program of Pharmacy

The general objective of the Pharmacy Program is to train highly qualified pharmacists who fulfill the essential, minimum common expectations of health care systems worldwide while fulfilling local needs. Graduates would be expected to have the required knowledge, skill, attitude and behavior to support the health care system and to respond to patient needs work in hospital and community pharmacies; drug manufacturing, import and wholesale companies; public health services; academic institutions; pharmaceutical research; drug regulatory body and quality control organizations

Entry requirements

Regular Program
Admission requirements will be as per the Wollega University Senate Legislation the University shall admit for undergraduate studies:

  • Students who have completed Ethiopian high school education and satisfy its entrance qualification assessments.
  • Applicants with foreign high school education of equivalent level to the Ethiopian high school education, as determined by the Ministry of Education, and who satisfy entrance requirements.                                                                                                     

 Special Admission 

  • QAdmissions into some programs may be granted to attract potentially resourceful candidates such as mature students. 
  • A student who has successfully finished a set of particular modules which entitles him/her to a degree may also peruse other related modules and earn another degree continuously. Details guidelines shall be worked out by the concerned body
  • Private applicants who fulfill admission requirements for regular students and produce evidence of financial support to cover tuition fees and other expenses may apply for admission into the regular program. The Registrar’s office shall set guidelines for such admissions which would be reviewed periodically and approved by the Senate.
  • The student who has completed a minimum of one academic year of study in good academic standing in an Ethiopian institution of higher education or in a foreign institution recognized by the Ministry of Education or has a diploma in the same or related field if applying for admission into a degree program from an institution of higher learning may also be admitted by the university.


In line with mission of the Wollega University, the program of Pharmacy envisages to  train  highly  qualified  pharmacists  with  the  required  knowledge,  skill  and  attitude  to provide quality pharmaceutical services at all levels of the health care ladder. In essence, we are determined to offer quality education and produce competent and compassionate pharmacists who can fit in to the whole areas of the contemporary pharmacy practices. We strive  to train manpower with broad pharmaceutical knowledge by providing  practice-based  education and training that enable future Pharmacists  acquire    problem    solving    skills;    facilitate    and  assist    in    the    transfer    and adoption    of    pharmaceutical    knowledge  and   technology  and  improve  the  pharmaceutical service provision in the country by offering bachelor degree in pharmacy.

To provide exemplary pharmacy education, training and research programs for professional students, graduate students to advance discovery in the public interest; and to provide service to the university, to professional and scientific communities, and to the public.


The vision of Program is to be the leading academic center for innovative interdisciplinary research and pharmacy education, revolutionizing patient care in Ethiopia and the world.

List of modules
No Module category Module title Course name Course code ECTS Total ECTS
01 General Language Skills module Communicative English Skill EnLa2021 5 29
Basic Writing skill EnLa2022 5 semII
02 General Common courses General Psychology Pscy2011 5
Civics & Ethical Education CvEd2012 5
03 Basic Chemistry courses  Organic chemistry Chem2031 5
Organic chemistry laboratory Chem2032 2
04 Basic Biomedical sciences-I module   Human anatomy and histology Anat2041 7
Human Physiology-I Phyl2042 5 30
Human Physiology-II Phyl2043 5
Biochemistry-I Bioc2044 5
Biochemistry-II Bioc2045 5
Microbiology, and Parasitology Mbio2046 5
05 Basic Biomedical sciences-II module   Immunology Mbio3051 2 30
Pathology Path3052 5
06 Basic Public health courses Biostatistics ComH3061 5
Epidemiology ComH3062 3
Nutrition ComH3063 3
Health service management and policies ComH3064 5
07 Core Pharmaceutical sciences I module Integrated physical pharmacy and pharmaceutics-I Phar3071 7
Introduction to pharmacy  Phar3072 2 28
Integrated physical pharmacy and pharmaceutics-II Phar3073 7
Pharmaceutical calculations Phar3074 2
08 Core Pharmaceutical sciences II module Chemistry of natural products Phar3081 5
Pharmacognosy Phar3082 7
Complementary and alternative medicine Phar3083 3
09 Basic First aid First aid Nurs3091 2
10 Core Pharmaceutical sciences-III module Pharmacology-I Phar4101 7 29
Medicinal chemistry-I Phar4102 7
Pharmacology-II Phar4103 7
Medicinal chemistry-II Phar4104 5
Applied toxicology Phar4105 3
 Biopharmaceutics and clinical pharmacokinetics Phar4106 7 31
11 Core Pharmaceutical sciences-IV module Immunological and biological products Phar4111 3
Industrial pharmacy Phar4112 7
Pharmaceutical analysis-I Phar4113 7
Pharmaceutical analysis-II Phar4114 7
12 Core Clinical pharmacy sciences module Integrated therapeutics-I Phar5121 7 30
Integrated therapeutics-II  Phar5122 7
Integrated therapeutics-III Phar5123 7
Integrated therapeutics-IV Phar5124 7
13 Core Social and administrative pharmacy module Medical supplies, equipments and reagents Phar5131 2
Introduction to pharmacoeconomics Phar5132 5 33
Drug supply management Phar5133 5
14 Core Pharmacy practice module Pharmacy law and ethics Phar5141 2
Communication skills for pharmacists    Phar5142 3
Drug informatics Phar5143 3
Pharmacy practice-I Phar5144 5
Pharmacy practice-II Phar5145 5
15 Elective Elective pharmaceutical sciences module Introduction to pharmacoepidemiology Phar5151 5
Phytochemistry Phar5152
Manufacturing Phar5153
Pharmacogenetics Phar5154
Pharmaceutical quality control and quality assurance Phar5155
16 Core Pharmacy clerkship-I module Ambulatory and emergency medicine clerkship Phar6161 7 30
Internal medicine clerkship-I Phar6162 5
Internal medicine clerkship-II Phar6163 5
Pediatrics clerkship Phar6164 7
Surgery clerkship Phar6165 3
Psychiatry clerkship Phar6166 3
Dermatology clerkship Phar6167 3 31
Pharmacy clerkship Phar6168 5
Gynecology and obstetrics and family planning clerkship Phar6169 5
17 Core Elective attachment module Ophthalmology clerkship Phar6171 3
Oncology and nuclear pharmacy clerkship Phar6172
Pharmaceutical industry Phar6173
Pharmaceutical quality control Phar6174
Pharmaceutical regulatory attachment Phar6175
Community pharmacy Phar6176
18 Basic Community based education courses module Research methods ComH6181 3
Student research project Phar6182 5
Team training program ComH6183 7
                                                                                                                         Total ECTS   301