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About the Program of Political Sciences and International Relations

The department includes educating students and acquainting them with political dimensions of the different aspects of the society within the country and outside of it including the changes and developments that are taking place at domestic as well as international level. The study and understanding of the Courses of the program of Political science and international Relations and their research oriented field exposure and interaction with the society enables them to establish finer balance between the theoretical aspects and practical application in the larger interests of society and the country.

Entry Requirement:                               

  • Students who join the department are those who have successfully completed Secondary education;
  • Students who have a diploma level training from recognized academic institutions, and who can meet the requirement of advanced standing.
  • Social science background preferable but not mandatory.


  • To produce qualified, efficient and competent graduates who could effectively shoulder the responsibilities and carry out their assigned tasks successfully taking the country and society ahead.
  • To develop the ability of students to understand the complex issues of the contemporary society and the country keeping in mind the developments that are taking place across the boundaries and find remedial measures with the help of logical analysis and interpretation.
  • Besides, understanding the needs and concerns of society and develop, students are imparted education and training to examine the efficacy of governing institutions and to contribute in establishing competent and compatible institutions keeping in view the demands of time that could be effective in addressing the needs and concerns of the society in changing situations.


The department of PSIR envisions production of competent, efficient and highly professional band of capable young educated generation of the country who can play an effective lead role in different fields and carry out their assigned tasks with success and desired outputs, thus, strengthening the nation and improving the society which could be successfully achieved by providing qualitative education pertaining to political issues to the students and developing in them the ability of critical understanding and finding solutions to the existing and emerging problems as the politics functions as the coordinating and facilitating agent while monitoring and controlling the different aspects of society.