Since the purpose of research is to generate new knowledge, and communicate the findings through publications, the freedom to publish must be vigorously guarded.  The findings of the researches carried out by the University should be published in the shortest time possible.  The funding organization may review the results and materials resulting from the research.  Such reviews should not delay publication for more than 30 days from the date they are asked to review for publication.  Where the research findings may lead to patentable rights, the University and the private sector funding the research will pursue the patents and the University policy on patent rights will apply thereafter.

Publication of research results

The findings of researches carried out by the University should be published in relevant proceedings, journals or as series of University’s research report in the shortest time possible. Before sending research results/outputs for publication in either proceedings, journals or as series of research report or bulletin, the Research, Extension, Consultancy and Publication Committee have to review for the technical quality of the paper

Research or invention ownership rights

In principle, the proprietorship of research results/outputs rests with WU. Research outputs or invention resulting from research or other works where University resources and/or time have been involved will be considered as the University property.

When research is financed either partially or wholly by external sources, there is a desire for shared proprietorship of research results/outputs; it has to be clearly stipulated in the grant agreements. Such agreements should consider the following:

1.  Intellectual contribution

2. Professional experiences

3.   Technical staff supports

4.  Time involvements

5.  Financial contributions and facilities for research

The following could be used as a general guideline for co-ownership or co-authorship of research results or inventions:

i.      A research output/invention produced as a result of joint work of two or more members shall be owned jointly.

ii.     Exercises of rights related to such an output/invention is always subject to mutual consent of the co-authors or co-inventors to transform the output into specific use.

iii.    A work shall qualify as a research output/invention when it has an element of originality.

iv.In order to check the element of originality or the capacity of the research output in providing a  solution to a problem, a research output or an invention is subject to assessment by external evaluators to be determined by Research, Extension, Consultancy and Publication Committee.

v. Ownership of a research output/invention produced by a University staff shall, in principle, belong to the University when the University pays the researchers/inventors for that.

vi. On an explicit prior agreement between the University and the co-authors or co-inventors, ownership of a research output/invention can be decided to belong to the University.

vii. When ownership in such a way is decided to belong to the University, the University shall provide the co-authors/co-inventors with the necessary facilities, expenses and honorarium required in undertaking the anticipated research; and the detail is subject to signing of a subsequent agreement.

viii.    In case, the University reproduces and sells the research output or invention for profit making, the author (s) shall be entitled to a share of the profits. The percentage of profits to be paid to the author (s) in the form of commission shall be negotiated between the author and the university.

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