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About the Program of Sociology and Social Anthropology

Sociology and Social Anthropology are closely related social science disciplines. They study the ways in which people live together under various social and cultural conditions.  By exploring the multifaceted dimensions of human societies, they seek to understand human behavior, social interactions and institutional structures in all their diversity. The study of societal development – the cultural, technological, economic and societal transformations that trace the evolution of human societies and civilizations and the emergence of contemporary peoples, social organizations, institutions, states, economies and cultures.

Entry Requirement

Students who have completed their preparatory lessons and passed college/university entrance examination will be admitted to the program. Moreover, for summer in-service, evening extension, and distance learning a three-year diploma and above  in social sciences fields, teacher education, and health related fields from a recognized college makes applicants eligible to the program.


The department of sociology and Social anthropology has a mission of offering relevant, efficient and quality education and training; designing and assuring standard of efficiency, conducting demand driven research and rendering & efficient community services.


The vision of the department of Sociology and Social Anthropology is to be a national centre of academic excellence which assures quality and equity of education by the year 2020 that aims at producing competent citizen.

Main Study Direction:

The general objective of the program is to produce knowledgeable, skilful, competent and responsible professionals in socio-cultural, political and economic development of the country by providing adequate training at a bachelor level