Established in 2012
Program Description Graduates of the Sugar Technology occupy a wide range of places as Sugar & allied sugar technologist: sugar chemist, microbiologist, sugar technology specialist, production manager, sugar processing specialist, product development consultant, product control manager, quality assurance specialist, sales representative, food & beverage operations director, applied research technologist, sugar packaging & storage specialist, regulatory affairs director, product development technologist, etc
Mission of the program To contribute towards the development of Sugar Industry through need based teaching, research, extension education network, consultancy services and improvement of agro-industrial technology; minimization of post-harvest losses and nutrition deficiency; promotion of its activities in terms of knowledge & technology creation and transfer, and effective entrepreneurship for the advantage of the country.
Vision of the program          The program is committed to advance the agro-industrial Technology of the country through value-added research and education in Sugar Technology.
Total credit pts 112 Cr.hrs/180 ECTS
The program was launched in  
Staff profile PhD 1, MSc 5, BSc 4, Technical assistance 1, =11, Study leave for MSc 2
Number of students     109
Main study direction
  1. Sugar technology
Entry requirement

Regular Admission

Students who successfully completed the preparatory secondary education with pass mark in natural science entrance examination [a minimum cut-off point set by the Ministry of Education (MOE) each year on the Ethiopian Secondary General Certificate Examination (ESGCE) are eligible to be admitted to the regular degree program].

Language of instruction English
Location Wollega university Shambu campus college of
Contact information(possibly department head/ college dean) Mr. Mohammed semaw
Duration or Study Type It is a 3 years program at the end of the student will be awarded Bachelor of Science in Food Processing (Sugar Technology)

Cost sharing as per the rule of Ministry of Education

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