ICT Training and consultancy unit

To fully utilize their skill and knowledge on the enhancement of ICT service of the university ICT staff must get a regular and progressive training in and outside of the university .The core asset of ICT development office is a well professional staff integration who use their specialized and timely updated skill and knowledge to plan and assimilate existing and newly emerging ICT services to the academic, research and administration process of the university. Hence, this unit plays a great role on planning and provision of well organized training for the ICT staff. On top of this, the unit also plan and provide ICT training for the university staff and community on newly deployed and assimilated systems to the university system

On this side the ICT DO was arranged and provided the following services for inside and outside customers of the university to enhance their skill and knowledge in terms of ICT application. These include

Cisco Networking Academy

A local network academy established to offer training on international networking curriculum and PC hardware and software maintenance.

  •       CCNA
  •       IT essential

  ·   User Training- a training arranged for users on various  applications

  ·ICT Staff Training-training that should be arranged for ICT staff  to get additional skill and knowledge on various ICT service 

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Arrange trainings for the ICT team
  • Plan Inter-ICT Team knowledge and exchange sharing
  • Arrange training for campus users and staff about newly implemented and developed applications
  • Create basic awareness on Internet, security, productivity tools, emerging technologies and new projects in ICT for the campus users and staff
  • Arrange and implement Student Internship programs
  • Arrange and implement services for on campus and off campus society
  • Create a space for campus society creative activities and projects
  • Plan and implement different revenue and business opportunity generation mechanisms for the ICT
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