The College of Education and Behavioral Sciences is among the pioneer institutions in the Wollega University. It was established with the name School of Education in 1999 E.C. and got the name Faculty of Education in 2001 E.C. It was established mainly to produce trained teacher educators for secondary schools in natural sciences, social sciences, business education and languages. It used to offer Psychology, English Language, Educational Management and Civics and Ethical Education courses to the students of different faculties. With dramatic expansion of the university and change of modality of training of teachers for secondary school, it was again renamed as school of education. In being structured under College of Social Science and Education, it was offering PGDT Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching (PGDT), Psychology, EDPM Educational Planning and Management (EDPM) and PGDSL Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership (PGDSL). The college has been training the university instructors in Higher Diploma Program (HDP) and providing professional inductions for new staff since its inception.

Cognizant to its importance and complexity of activities, the institution has been organized as College of Education and Behavioral Sciences in 2014. Presently, the college offers PGDT, PGSL and HDP in certificate, EDPM, Psychology and Special Needs Education in 1st degree and Measurement and Evaluation and School Leadership in second degree. The college has actively participating in providing professional training for educational experts and teachers mainly for four Wollega Zones and to some extent for western part of West Shoa. The college has also undertaking research intending to the improvement of quality of education of the country.

The College of Education and Behavioural Sciences conducts its programs and activities guided by overarching Vision, Mission, Goals, and Values statements.