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Leadrship 4Five Days Training on “Transformational Leadership Skills Development” 

The Centre for Assessment, Training and Development of Wollega University organized five days training on “Transformational Leadership Skills Development” on 23-27 December 2016. The training focused on enhancing the transformational Leadership Skills Development.  The discussions include boundary spanning and leadership, characteristics of organizational leadership,  Read More

Shambu Field 1Wollega University organizes Two Days Field Visits

The Research and Technology Park of the Wollega University (RTP-WU) organized two days field trips at Shambu focusing on adaptation trials, indigenous seed conservation and multiplications of different highland crop yields (Cereals, Pulses, Oil, Horticultural and forage crops multiplications as well as panel discussion at Guduru and Gitilo research centers.  Field trips and panel discussions provided an excellent opportunity for participants to learn about a specific topic, procedure or practices firsthand by directly visiting the outcomes and drawbacks at its sources and production processes. Read More

corpOne day Workshop on “Personality Development, Leadership and Communication Skills” for Class Representatives

The Corporate Communications Directorate, Wollega University organized One day Workshop on “Personality Development, Leadership and Communication Skills” for Class Representatives of Wollega University, main campus, on December 03, 2016.  Read More 

3 (1)Sensitization Workshop on Land Degradation in Wollega zones

 As part of its active engagement in addressing the community problems, Wollega University in collaboration with Abbay Basin Authority, Nekemte organized a two days workshop on“Land Degradation in the West, East and Horro Guduru Zone of Wollega : Trends, Challenges and Management Strategies for Potential Stakeholders”on 25-26 November 2016 at Wollega University main campus, Nekemte. Read More

Gender 3

Life skills training for first year female students

As per the strategy of Ministry of Women, Children and Youth Affairs, Gender Affairs Directorate of Wollega University organized Life Skills Training for 937 first year female students on 12/02/2009 E.C to enable them to be psychologically and academically fit in their current and future academic career which will reduce the increasing rate of dropout and repetition among female students.Read More

3MPA students bridge construction facilitation in Digga Woreda

In realization of one of the mission of Wollega University, students attending Master of Public Administration (MPA) of the Department of Department of Public Administration and Development Management (PADM), College of Business and Economics facilitated the construction of two wooden bridges across river Ayeru and Wadabo on November 8, 2016, at Damakisa Kebele in Digga Woreda. In fact, this was done in collaboration with local communities and government officials from the Woreda.          Read More