“Wollega University aspires to be one of the top 25 universities in Africa by 2025 EC” 



gradutionGraduation ceremony of Wollega University Commenced colourfully.

The 2011 academic year graduation ceremony of Wollega University was held colourfully at its three campuses; Nekemte, Gimbi and Shambu respectively.Read More


64514534 3013814125310479 3133335168220135424 nA National Moot Court Competition which was Organized in collaboration with Wollega University's School of Law and Higher Education Strategy Center (HESC) has been concluded successfully.Read More


cafeWollega University's President Hon. Dr. Hassen Yusuf and Top level management members celebrated Eid-ulfutur with the students. Dr. Hassen, WU's President celebrated Eid -ulfutur with the students, shared meal with them .Read More


confiranceNational Sport Symposium was held at Wollega University

 A national Sport Symposium which has been organized in Collaboration with the College of Natural and Computational Sciences and Wollega University's Research, Community Services and Techenology Transfer Vice President office Read More

shignit2This kind of smooth office responsibility transfer should be a Culture in each and every office .
Dr. Temesgen Garoma who was leading Wollega University as an Interim president for eight months transfered office responsibility smoothly to Dr. Hassen Yusuf who came as a new president of Wollega UniversityRead More


con adminDiscussion was held with the Academic Staff
Since taking office Dr. Hassen Yusuf continued discussions with all the University 's Community. This step is aimed at looking at the root cuases of problems and then designing strategies to solve problemsRead More



senti conDr. Hassen Yusuf Wollega University's new President conducting the first meeting with the management members. Office duty hand over ceremony with the former President, Dr. Temesgen Garoma also expected to be held today. Similar discussions with academic staff, admistrative staff and students planned to be held within the next few days. We wish a very successful working time to Dr. Hassen Yusuf



childWollega University child day care center

 Wollega University becomes the first University in Ethiopia which opens CHILD DAY CARE CENTER within the University compound where mothers who are staffs can care about their babies while working their daily activities. Read More