About the Department of Water Resources & Irrigation Engineering

     Training qualified professionals on different disciplines is inevitable for the overall development of the country in such a way that problems pertaining to these professions can be solved, better and up-to-date technological advancements that the other part of the world experiences today can easily be realised through the aid of these people. This curriculum is designed in pursuance of directions given from the Ministry of Education in order to solve problems observed in the existing higher education curricula and with an objective of developing improved curricula aimed at providing practical oriented and measurable education in terms of the output as per the engineering program reform in Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering discipline. The planning of engineering curricula is a complex exercise. It involves integration of not only the current educational needs of the profession but also the anticipated needs arising out of the fast changing national and international developmental, technological and political scenes. The development of detailed curricula requires a lot of expertise and sustained consultation with different stakeholders. Therefore, this curriculum is only a baseline and institutions should aspire to develop over and above this in line with the working regulations and guidelines of the responsible offices of the Ministry of Education (such as HESC).


    Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering program has the following missions:

  • Producing competent and innovative Engineers in the area of water sector by offering quality education and training services.
  • Conducting demand driven and problem solving researches in WRIE area.
  •   Rendering community and consultancy service in order to contribute to the development endeavours of the country by developing its water resource.


Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering program aspires to produce qualified and internationally competent professionals in the areas of Water Resources Development and Management.

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