Wallaga University Graduation Ceremony-2022. Eebba Barattoota Univervarsiitii Wallaggaa

July 16, 2022

FIB Jijjiiramoota fi Mul'ata Yuuniversiitii Wallaggaa

June 19, 2021




 news blinkThe management council of the university has continued its discussion on different agendas

HasanBased on the guidelines given by the management, one of the university's graduates has conducted analysis and research findings. Dr. Hasan Yusuf, the president of our university, has explained that the problem of quality of education we are in as a country is reflected on the results of the exit exam. The ministry of education has also indicated that the new education policy has been working with education stakeholders to solve the problem of quality of education at every level. Dr. Hassan.

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news blinkTraining Workshop is Underway at CET, WU

EdmeA training workshop organized by College of Engineering and Technology (CET) in collaboration with Institutional Network for Design and Manufacturing Education and Training (INDMET) has began today (August 29,2023) on a title “Additive and Subtractive Prototyping: 3 D Modelling, 3 D printing and CNC” which is to be held for five days (August 29-September 02/2023).

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news blink2016 fiscal year is the time we will continue with the reforms of higher education 

MoEAugust 20/2015 M (Ministry of Education) in the Ministry of Education higher education development sector 2015 school year performance evaluation and 2016 budget year plan introduction program has been completed. According to the Minister of Education, the Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Samuel Kifle, the key problem in the education sector is the issue of quality and relevance of education in the past five years. Mmm so many reforms have been implemented.

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 news blinkSTEM Center students completed trainings and received different awards

STEM Center students completed trainings and received different awards1222 students who represented Wallagga University STEM Center and who had won competitions to attend national and international level trainings under the coordination of various nongovernmental organizations two months back, have successfully completed their trainings and received awards, and donated with equipments for innovations.

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news blinkJiilli dawwaannaa biyya Jarmanitti gaggeesse muuxannoo qoode


Garee hoggansaa Yuunivarsiitii Wallaggaa muuxannoo daawwannaa Dhaabbilee barnoota olaanaa Applaayidi, Warshaalee fi Industrii biyya Jarmaniitti taasise ilaalchisee manajimantiif, muummeewwaniifi koolleejjotaaf muuxannoo qoode. Qoqqodamiinsa Dhaabbilee barnoota olaanoo biyyaa kanaa hordofuun Yuunivarsiitiin keenya akka Yuunivarsiitii Applaayid Saayinsiitti qoidamuun isaa niyaadatama. Yuunivarsiitii waligalaarraa gara Yuunivarsiitii Appilaayidiiti Ce'uuf qophiilee addaa addaa taasisaa tureera. Hojiilee hubannoo uumuu, sirna barnootaa jiran seecca'uu fi haaraa bocuu, karoora waggaa 10 bocuu kan kana fakkaatan hojjetamuu yaadachiifameera.

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