1. Introduction

The Office of Vice President for Business and Development of Wollega University was first established in 2013 as one of the wings that support teaching/learning, research and community services through developing infrastructure in the University. The main activities include: planning and implementing of the different construction activities (road, electric, water, sewerage, landscape), buildings for students’ residence, staff residence, laboratories, classrooms, meeting halls etc. Another main activity is designing and monitoring different income generation projects and implement through different structures under the office. There are different sources for income generation including from non regular education fees, sales from agricultural products, engineering services and products, etc. With this, we have two enterprises (1) Engineering products and services (2) Horro Guduru agricultural products and service. On top of these, we have different centres which support projects for example, Uke demonstration and research farm; Nekemte dairy and honey bee farm, Gitilo research and technology demonstration farm. We have two ongoing new income generation projects: Uke vegetable production, and CICO dairy farm at Horro Guduru centre. The printing office is supporting the teaching and learning, research and technology transfer and community services through giving services for printing/duplication /binding of materials/documents which saves huge amounts of money. Though not fully functional we have printing service center which could be big sources for income in the future if facilities are furnished.

2. Vision

The Office of Vice President for Business and Development aspires to be one of the leading offices in providing infrastructure services and income generation.

3. Mission

To develop the best infrastructures and facilities in the university to support teaching, research and community services and develop projects with huge returns

4. Core values

ü   Quality products and services

ü   Inclusive

ü   Accessibility

ü   Comfort

ü   Aesthetics

ü   Standards

ü   Efficiency

ü   Sustainability

ü   Progressive

ü   Good governance

4. Office reporting to the Business and Development Vice President Office

Business and Development Office

ü  One staff (secretary)

Infrastructure and Building Construction Directorate Office

ü  The directorate office has 10 staff members

Project Coordination and Monitoring Directorate Office

ü  There are 8 staff members

Income generation Directorate Office

ü  There are 14 staff members in the office

Printing Press Directorate Office

ü  The office has 6 staff members

Engineering Workshop and Technology Development Centre

ü  There are 56 staff members in the centre

Waste Water Treatment Plant Unit

ü  The unit has 9 staff

The Office of Business and Development Vice Presidents runs its activities with a total 104 staff remember.

Negash Geleta (PhD)

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