Hasen YusufWollega University is working intensively on its core activities of  teaching- learning   ,research and technology transfer  and community services .Since its   first date of      establishment it has been engaged in a variety of life changing activities .It has  contributed thousands of qualified graduates to the industry ,especially to the areas  where there are high demands for skilled human power. Our university has contributeda  lot of positive things to our society, students, and employees in particular and to the   country in general.

 The University is also working hard to fulfill the needs of the society by conducting   continuous need assessment program. A lot of encouraging and positive results are   registered in the past eleven years with tremendous works the University has done so far, and these fruitful works will continue in the future with great commitment and determination. I would like to pay great honor to our academic staff, administrative staff, students’, different stakeholders and government bodies who helped us to reach at this stage of success, without their engagement and active participation ,it could have been very difficult for us to register this success . Thank you, indeed!

The University provided help in solving critical society’s problem in urban and rural areas ;these includes, building bridges ,developing small scale streams for drinking water and home consumption, legal aid services for the needy people(mostly children and women ),training on business skills ,free health service for animals and etc. These all services we have provided for the society are solid indicators how our University is working in strong collaboration with the society, I should boldly say “Wollega University is a University dedicated to serve the society.”

Out agricultural research out-puts are benefiting many farmers in rural areas .Since our University started distributing improved seeds which are produced in our agricultural  research centers  ,farmers productivity increased tremendously and we have confirmed this with the feedbacks collected from the beneficiaries, this indicates the University is helping  a lot in insuring food security. I promise to keep-up our good works in the future and I encourage every staff to participate in our effort to make our University one of the top 25 universities in Africa by 2033G.C.Wollega University is currently enrolling 38,500 students ,with 1300 teaching staff and over 2000 permanent  administrative staff.

I saw our Corporate Communication Directorate has come –up with its   new editions of both CIICOO and WU-INFO SCIENCE newsletters   in the new academic Year 2011, the newsletters have included many works and activities we have been doing so far , so I encourage you to read the newsletters and indeed support Corporate Communication Directorate in its activities of Communication. I would like to send my special thanks to the Corporate Communication Directorate Office and staff for their Continues effort in building our University’s image inside and outside the University.

I wish you 2011 academic Year to be a year of success, prosperity, and growth for all our; Academic staff, Administrative staff, students and all stakeholders who are working with us!!!

                                                                                                       Thanking you!!

                                                                                Hasen Yusuf Mohammed  (PhD), President

                                                                                                   Wollega University

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