WU Academic Vice President Office is answerable to the President

 Major function

 As a major function, the Academic Vice President at WU provides the executive leadership in assisting the President in the overall planning, organizing, and controlling of the academic programs.

 Duties and responsibilities

  • Coordinate, direct and lead, the different academic programs: graduate and undergraduate academic programs, continuing and distance education programs, academic staff affairs, office of the registrar, library, and  academic quality and assessment Directorates;
  •  Provide leadership in planning and executing  the development of programs, faculty recruitment and development, and manages  the academic initiatives;
  • Advise, assist and support the president in his endeavor to discharge his responsibilities on academic affairs;
  • Provides leadership in creating and maintaining academic standards and policies
  • Devise strategies which help to follow and ensure the implementation of policies,  plans, rules and regulations, legislation  and other guidelines governing academic  programs, academic and technical staff,  and students; 
  • Works closely and collaboratively  with other Vice Presidents for effective and efficient use of resources and manages the activities of the University’s broad academic directions/vision, priorities and  policies;
  • Supervises the deans of the colleges/Schools/Institutes at WU and the directors of Library, Academic Staff Affairs, Postgraduate and Undergraduate programs, Registrar, and Quality and Assessment Directorates, evaluating and approving their recommendations for different activities.
  • The office of AVP is responsible to  establish programs, policies, procedures, and standards in selection, evaluation, promotion and supervises staff development programs; Ensure the employment and promotion of academic staff is in consistent with the University’s rules and procedures;

Degrees and Certificates Offered at WU


  •    Designs and exercises the means, methods and resources necessary to achieve academic goals and objectives;
  •  Oversight periodic academic programs audit, evaluation and  review, and curriculum development and closely works with the different units in the improvement of instruction;
  • Performs executive administrative works in academic planning, developing, organizing, directing and evaluating academic programs, policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • provides strong, dynamic academic and administrative leadership, fosters a collegial environment which encourages scholarship, teaching, and learning excellence;
  • Support and ensure the programs of study; prepare and supply qualified graduates in knowledge, skills, and attitudes on the basis of the existing needs of the country;
  • Ensure  the University’s strategic and operational plans are in place for colleges and reporting units, monitoring and supporting best practices, monitoring performances, and promoting positive relations internally and externally;
  • Exercise the responsibilities the President may entrust to him/her.

Seven offices are accountable to the Academic Vice President

 ·         Continuing and Distance Education Programs Directorate

 ·         Academic Staff Affairs Directorate

 ·         Undergraduate programs Directorate

 ·         School of Postgraduate program

 ·         Registrar Office

 ·         Library

 ·         Academic Quality, Testing  and Assessment Directorate

Bachelor’s Degrees     

Master’s Degrees

Doctoral Degrees

Graduate Certificate Programs     

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