It just surprises me to see Wollega University today with its big success within 10 years. It has just grown like a plant on fertile ground with good environment while there were a lot of challenges. The success we celebrate today is effort of everyone in and outside the university; especially, those who did not wait for comfortable environment to exert their resources. The university has a lot of activities ahead to accomplish as much is still expected from it. The vision of becoming one of the top 25 universities in Africa in 2033 will be a reality when all stakeholders of the university work together with determination. I am definitely sure that our future is bright and the success will continue with hard work. Congratulations to all those who contributed well to the university to be where it is today.  Happy 10th Anniversary!! 

Objectives of the Office

To achieve excellence in community engagement and university-industry Partnership, WU has been using the following strategic objectives

  •       increase satisfaction of community and partners
  •       increase community service coverage 
  •       improve community service fund and its utilizations
  •       enhance collaboration with partners and community
  •      design community service policy and guidelines
  •     diversify community services
  •      enhance human resource capacity building
  •       improve community service facilities

The office of the vice president for community engagement and university industry linkage incorporates two main directorates:  Community Service Director and University-Industry- Partnership Director. The community service director works on the development of the society by filling the existing gap altogether with the stakeholders. This is because the motto of WU besides the teaching learning and the research activities, is to provide community demand based services in the diversified sectors namely capacity building entrepreneurship trainings for youth organized in micro and small enterprises; in the area of health, school support, environment and improving productivity of agricultural products of farmers and legal services for needy community especially women, children and elders.  The university prepared community service thematic area  policy and guideline as to delivering need based and problem solving community services involving  stakeholders to  participate in  gap identification and whether or not all issues with similar topics have been included. 

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