Back ground

To realize gender equality in the university and achieve its goals, Wollega University has been implementing different strategies and polices since its establishment.

To undertake the activities, gender affairs directorate monitors the implementation of gender mainstreaming in different structures of the university. For instance, it takes part in different standing committees, such as; management, sec, placement, staff recruitment, discipline, scholarship, senate and Etc, which are organized in the university and other ad hoc committees whenever important.

·         The office prepares welcome program for fresh female students every year in line with different experience sharing programs with model female students, instructors and former graduates

·         Assigns Big sisters from the senior batch students for the new comer female students to help them adapt with the environment and council them in different social and academic aspects of their university career.

·         Provides orientation

·         Gives 25% priority for females to help them join department of their choice in placement

·       Being with the female students’ association of the university, the directorate office prepares refreshment programs like, talk show, talent show and art night.

·         Encourages students to be effective in their academic career.

·      Rewards female students who have got good GPA comparing them with others and independently every year

·         The office also facilitates different trainings such as:

·         Concept and issues of Gender and gender based violence

·         Life skills

·         Assertiveness skills and Communication skills

·         Study and note taking skills

·         Harassment

·         HIV/AIDS and Reproductive health etc.

·         Human rights Vs women’s right

·         leadership

·         Helps learners who have social and financial problems through different strategies.

·         Example:  giving par time job, generating income through different mechanisms

·         Provides counseling service   

·   Gives chances to improve their academic status for some female students who are attributed to academic dismissals/warnings

·     Arranges tutorial classes which will be given by selected top 5 students (high achievers) from each department and by volunteer instructors 

·        Gives library and reading room services near the female students dormitory

·        Operates TV rooms service with necessary equipments in each of the blocks

·        Open resource center with full internet connection so as to help female students get access of current information.

·         Gives 0 tolerance  to gender based violence and harassment and takes immediate disciplinary action

·         Serves the surrounding community by providing training on some serious and important issues.

·        Provide different support for high schools and preparatory female students found around the university, especially by providing life Skill trainings and tutorial.

·         Give financial support for needy female students of surrounding community.

·      The university has also trying to give different promotions like scholarship for women workers who are effective and exemplars in their respective works.

·       Give scholarship opportunity for the children, women and youth affairs of the zone and the Nekemte city administration

·       The office also intends to support female scholars in research undertaking by providing research fund for competitive projects

·        To support female entrepreneurs in business through trainings and business start up supports.

·         Provide leadership training for female employee and graduating class female students.

·         Fighting for justice whenever there is violation of females’ right in the University College;

·         Contribute to the national endeavors toward developing gender policy for academic institutions of higher learning

·         Provide Psycho social support for disabled students.

·          Providing Remedial support for dismissed female students

·          Provide ultimate support for female students association and female workers association.   

  Awareness creation training

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