Wollega University has been developed a Research and Community Service Policy and has been executing its activities according to the preset premises. In 2013/2005 E.C budget year, Wollega University has completed one research works, and executing 44 research proposals among which many of them are expected to be completed at the end of this academic year. And in the process of implementing five research projects, of which one research project is sponsored by international collaborating organizations. The main sources of budget for the research project are from the University’s internal revenue and allocated budget by Ministry of Education. The University is also seeking other sources of funds through developing research projects and inviting local and international stakeholders to sponsor such projects. Hence, we are looking for interested stakeholders to participate in our activities and sponsor the University’s research projects in the future. Furthermore, Wollega University publishes its official international Science, Technology, and Arts Research (STAR) Journal quarterly and organizes at least one symposium and University level research review annually. The detailed elaborated information for 2005 E.C research activities are available here under.

One of the major functions of the Wollega University is the development and transmission of knowledge and skills through research. For this Wollega University empowers the RECO to promote and to make financial provisions by creating linkages with funding agencies, to create facilities for a global centre of research excellence within the University.

In order to achieve its mandate in research and extension, Wollega University through this Research Policy will enable its staff and students to make full use of its limited resources to create a research culture consistent with National development.

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