Services and the related tasks of the responsible offices or crevice centers

·         Student Life cases:

Basic tasks: coordinate, oversee and manage all the student activities in the areas of resident life (including dormitory), clinical center, sports and recreation, cafeteria and students’ lounge, and other activity programs.

·   Financial Aid:

Basic tasks: Support the overall operations of the student financial aid program and plan which provides financial assistance to the needy students

·  Counseling:

Basic tasks Plan, develop, improve, implement and evaluate tasks and its  procedures governing counseling;

·   Sports & Recreation:

Basic tasks: Plan, implements, administers, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate all recreational and sports programs at the Campuses

· Disciplinary sanctions guidelines and procedures:

            Students, who violate policies, rules and regulations as outlined in the Student Code of      Conduct, may be subject to the disciplinary processes.

Basic tasks: The guidelines, including student code of conduct/student hand book are provided to assist students in understanding and responding to the university’s student conduct process

The center also assists in coordinating and follows up - marketing, recruitment, maintenance activities and working to respond to student needs and fostering student success.

Over all, the student services team at the service center, is responsible for ensuring that student services at the university and support the achievement of its vision, mission, values and goals

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