Implementation of newly organized ICTDO structure

The national attention given to the expansion and improvement of higher education as critical factors in the country’s development has explicit and implied requirements for the use of ICT in realizing the objectives. Wollega University’s role as a major contributor to these expansion and enhancement efforts, along with the imperative contained in its own ambitious strategic plan, call for the speedy improvement of the efficiency and quality of its academic and administrative functions. This is hard, if not impossible, to accomplish without adequate ICT support.

The ICT Development Office was established in the past few years by a few individuals to realize that the Wollega University would be wise to join the information age by adopting the technology that has been transforming the world. The newly formed office under supervision of the president Office initiated a project that has resulted in a Local and wide area network (WAN) construction which is installing a networking physical infrastructure and expansion of internet service for the main and branch campuses. The network, which connects all the building s of the university, has been growing now. The services delivered through the infrastructure have also been increasing.

Even though the new role Wollega University has played in the exploitation and use of ICT and the fact that it now has a relatively basic infrastructures, however, it is still far from a point where it is effectively served by ICT. At the same time, Wollega University’s need for and reliance on effective ICT support is now greater than ever.

The ICT Development office is responsible for all information systems development, customization, deployment and continual improvement across the University and all its campuses. It administrate the University LAN, website and mail server including other content management systems.ICT Development office as well resolving systems issues and maintenance of office electronic and Networks. Indeed the office suggests different ICT solution in order to facilitate the teaching-learning, administrative, research and community service   duties.

As strategic plan of the university the effective utilization of ICT infrastructures and services is must in prospecting academic and administrative tasks of the university. Development and implementation of various systems and services will be accomplished in the near future to take the academic & administration of the university to a higher level. 

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