Appointment: Appointment of thePlanning directorate shall be merit based and as per the WU performers placement guideline

Qualification and experience Requirements

  • MA & above in Economics/ business management/ and related fields with four years of experience in similar positions of planning and project related works (of which at least one year is on management positions.)

Multi-dimensional Skills

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skill and proven leadership ability and motivation.
  • An application of  information technology and communications
  • An understanding of national policies and international trends and issues that are directly or indirectly related to the activities of the unit.
  • Effective and strong team spirit and demonstrated competence in coordinating activities.
  • High commitment towards realization of the mission of the university.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the university’s working environment.
  • Knowledge and application of office management
  • Proven experience in creating and enhancing a customer service culture within an organization

Duties and responsibilities

  • Coordinate/ involve/ as a team leader in the preparation of the strategic plan of the university.
  • Compile/ consolidate/ the monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual physical plan, recurrent and capital budget plan of the University from/with/ the respective sections.
  • Compile/ consolidate/ the monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual activity progress report of the University.
  • Design & develop income generating projects in a participatory manner with other sections, monitor & evaluate the on-going implementation of the projects.
  • Communicate the approved activity and budget plans of the university to the respective sections for action in time.
  • Coordinate, supervise and evaluate the performance of the staff of the directorate.
  • Coordinate and involve in the preparation of the planning, Monitoring & Evaluation guidelines/ manual/ of the university.
  • Conduct field visits, closely supervise and follow up the implementation of the project.
  • Arrange evaluation meetings (in consultation with the management bodies) on the quarterly, bi-annual and annual activity progress report of the university.
  • Take part on issues/ information/ to be displayed on the web-page of the university together with other sections (PR).
  • Facilitate/Render/ the necessary training on planning, M & E and project related ideas for the eligible and needy sections of the university.
  • Perform other duties/ responsibilities/ given from the President.

Term of office:

  • The term of Executive officer shall be 3(three) and may be appointed for the additional 3 years.

Reporting: Accountable to the president office

Sub-units reporting to planning & program director

  • Senior Project Planning & monitoring Expert
  • Plan and program Expert
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