The Need for University Research Policy

This document summarizes the Wollega University Research Policy, arising from the need to have a policy document to help spearhead research at the University. The need for a dynamic University Research Policy arises from a number of factors: lack of University Research Policy at present, to create an enabling environment for research network, to create the necessary internal capacity for making research as an integral part of the learning-teaching process, to develop flexible and feasible working guidelines for research proposal preparation ,review and approval, develop mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation of research processes, stiff competition for staff seeking research funds . Therefore, the need to have a consistent policy is desired to motivate staff, sustain, and improve research productivity and competitiveness at national and international levels. 

The policy will achieve this through enhancing research culture at the University by:

  1. Providing a mechanism to ensure that research aims in providing solutions to development problems of local communities, the country and humanity in general.
  2. Ensuring a significant annual allocation of funds to the University Research Budget
  3. Deliberate moves to motivate researchers at the University to seek additional external funding
  4. Deliberate efforts to attract substantial external funds from donors (private sectors and donor agencies) to the University.
  5. Creating conducive environment for collaboration in research for both national and international research partnerships.

Research and teaching relationship

The University shall emphasize a strong relationship between research and teaching and shall enhance the role of research in the development of teaching programs. It encourages teaching staffs to engage in research and extension undertakings by allocating funds and also assists each academic unit in its efforts to solicit fund for research and extension from sources in Ethiopia or abroad. 

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