About the Department of Biosystems Engineerin

    Biosystems engineering is one of the three departments being run under faculty of Technology of Wollega University shambu campus. The program was launched in 20011/012 academic year considering the growing market demand for agricultural engineers in Ethiopian agricultural and related sectors. In Biosystems Engineering program students are trained to solve the pre- and post-harvest agricultural operation problems. This program is special of the former Agricultural Engineering in that it engages the trainees in the application of engineering science to biological materials In their Biosystems Engineering apply their knowledge of engineering technology and science to agriculture and the efficient use of biological resources.


Ø  To play a leading role in the agricultural lead industrial development of Ethiopia in terms of designing  agricultural machineries, equipment’s, sensors, processes, and irrigation structures.


ü  To apply technological and engineering tools that help to increase the agricultural production and efficiency, improve product quality, while preserving the quality of the environment.

ü  To practice appropriate technologies in agriculture under conditions of scarce resources, develop and export new varieties of agricultural products, agriculture-related industrial products and systems, and advanced know-how.

ü  To perform tasks as planning, supervising and managing renewable energy resources.

ü  To manage irrigation and drainage projects, greenhouse activities, and farmstead structure control installations and structures.

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