From the very beginning, Wollega University has understood against unethical conduct and corruption in higher educational institution’s good governance and quality of education.   Corruption increases transaction costs, reduces the efficiencies and quality of services, distorts the decision making process and undermine social values. To have a community free from such disgusting elements, Wollega University developed a strong anticorruption policy.  For the implementation of the policy, a directorate with full running capacity has been established. The staffs of the directorate have been working against misconduct and corruption since 2009. Based on the last four years exemplary performances, in 2012/13 the directorate has also undertaken various activities to see the University community free from corruption and treat it as taboo. To achieve such an objective directorate has:

  •    continuously advised the university executive body to acquaint the newly joining staffs with  the rules and regulations of ethical conduct and anti corruption policy of the university and has to attentively follow its implementation
  •      collected and worked on the grumbles and comments collected from the twelve suggestion boxes it established in its three campuses
  •       established Ethics and Anti-corruption clubs with more than 1000 members working with them effectively to get encompassing  corruptive signs and unethical conducts 
  •    continuously  given training  on the severity of corruption for the university executive bodies,  academic and supportive staff as well as student communities and created remarkable awareness about  the negative impact of corruption within the university community
  •      Made for corruption prevention by identifying vulnerable areas to corruption and has made continuous legal support and scrutiny in this regard.
  •    Successfully worked for the development of transparent, clear self explanatory structure within the university administrative system
  •    ·   provided incessant  advice on the development of supportive staff administrative  capacity
  •   ·   Identified, investigated, supported with evidence and took corrective measures to be taken on unethical behavior of the staff.
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