Vision, mission and core values 


“Wollega University aspires to be one of the top 25 universities in Africa in 2025 EC”


To produce competent and innovative professionals in various disciplines through practical, lifelong learning; engaging in research, technology transfer and community services and promote good governance to the development endeavors.

Values of the University

Success in the vision and mission of the university is believed to add several values to the university. Innovation and Creativity, which is accompanied by quality, will make the university an excellence centre. Workers’ academic freedom, stewardship, commitment and Empowering will provide the university with high institutional respect. Democratization, diversity, and team spirit will be other values added to the university. 

Goals of the University

The goal to be achieved by Wollega University is multifarious. It works to increase the satisfaction level of concerned stakeholders by providing accessibility and equity of education, research outputs, and community services. It also works towards improved optimum diversification, generation and utilization of financial resources. It is to improve quality of students’ academic and Social Services. The university works to improve participation and transparency in service processes by promoting communication and networking with partners and community. Furthermore, it enhances reform implementation, grievance handling, legal and anticorruption activities. The university also deserves to improve infrastructure, facilities and enhance staff and leadership capacity development and retention, and improve working environment and culture.                             

Strategic Issues of the University

To implement its vision, mission and goals, The University follows the next strategies.

 ·         Conducive working environment

 ·         Relevance and quality Education

 ·         Research and Extension

 ·         Enrolment and success

 ·         Partnership and Alliance with stakeholders

 ·         Community service -“We are for the community”

 ·         Resource Mobilization and Cost Effectiveness

 ·         Gender equality

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