About the student service

The student service center serves as the first assistance point of contact for the students who call or walk in to the office of the Dean of Students. Our Assistant Dean/ student service coordinator/help students to understand University policies and procedures, educate them about and connect them to campus resources, and support students in crisis (if any).

Students visit us regarding a broad range of issueswhich may be impacting their academic performance including those related to health/

mental health, course attendance issues, questions about where to go on campus to seek different services, options for withdrawing from the university, or because they need help and just aren’t sure where to go. We help students find their way! 

The Dean of Students is the chief student service officer of the university- and directly accountable to the Administrative vice President.

The Dean provides leadership for and oversight of the operations of the following offices and student service functions of all the campuses through direct communication with the administrative vice president, campus directors and student service coordinators, even the president (if any).


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