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 ü  Understand and follow university policies and procedures.

 ü  Learn about and get connected to campus resources

 ü  Manage crises- situations which are impeding academic success

After Hours call/ emergency report

If you are calling because of a serious or urgent matter that requires an immediate response –both after hours and during regular business time you have reached the student service/assistance center through the Dean of students or Assistant Dean.

If you call our office when we are closed:

If you are experiencing a health or safety emergency for which you need immediate medical or police attention please hang up and call:

 ü  (251) 0967799932- Associate of clinical service

 ü  (251) 0920417870- campus security police

 ü  (251) 0922248048 or (251) 0917839753- Ambulance service

Available offices and related tasks

Office of the Dean of students

The Dean of Students is the chief student service officer of the university- and directly accountable to the Administrative vice President.

 The Dean provides leadership for and oversight of the operations of the following offices and student service functions of all the campuses through direct communication with the administrative vice president, campus directors and student service coordinators, even the president (if any).

Responsible Offices/service centers


Office of the Dean of students


Office of the  Assistant  Dean of  students


Office of the Students service coordinator


Office of the Students guidance and counseling



Department of clinical service

(251) 0967799932

Accommodation service center



Cafeteria service center



Student lounge


Sport and recreation center and others


Student Affairs


Financial Aids


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