Under the direction of the President/Superintendent, the Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer of Wollega University serves as the chief research officer of the University and is responsible for research programs. This includes research review and development, technology creation, copying and transfer.

The Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer has primary leadership responsibilities for planning, implementing, and coordinating the research programs of the University. In assuming these responsibilities, the Vice President must work closely with different offices which are responsible for running research activities and members of the faculty. While the managerial functions related to research activities rest with colleges and departments, the Vice President serves as a leader in long-term planning of research master plan in line with the goals and objectives of Wollega University. The Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer will serve as advisor to the President/Superintendent in matters related to all research activities and technology transfer. The Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer will be the primary link between the academic staff and the President, Administrative Services in all budgetary and facility matters related to research programs. The office is accountable for the achievement of University goals and objectives within the scope of Research Affairs as set forth in the University's Strategic Plan, and for assessing and meeting the needs of citizens of the Region and the country.

The office leads the research affairs with a clear, focused commitment to research excellence to promote problem-solving researches.


The Office of Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer aspires to see Wollega University as one of the top 25 universities in research output and technology transfer in Africa in 2025 EC.


The Office of Research and Technology Transfer Vice President of Wollega University is committed to the highest standards in research and technology transfer. It is committed to undertake problem-solving researches, and for the transfer of relevant technologies.

Core Values

Research Goal

The research Goal of Wollega University is to be the center of excellence in generation, adaptation and extension of new knowledge and technology and make it one of the international institutions where scientists from different corners of the world come together and conduct researches on topics related to social, cultural, economic and political issues.

Major research priority areas

ü  Agriculture and natural resource management research

ü  Business, economics and management

ü   Educational and behavioral  research

ü  Engineering and information technology research

ü  Environmental and climate change research

ü  Human health and nutrition research 

ü  Humanity, gender  and governance research

ü  Information and engineering technology research

ü  Language, art and culture research

ü  Natural and computational sciences research

ü  Water, mineral and energy resources research


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